subtle cloth texture with a gradient of bright orange at the top and soft pink at the bottom.

Paula Nichols Design

Paula's design studio develops and produces creative, compelling materials, as varied as websites, e-blasts, social media designs, logos, packaging, catalogs, advertisements, trade show booths, magazines, brochures, point of purchase, video, and more. Paula’s education and experience have resulted in a broad base, which provides flexibility and diversity within the design process. Her work experience has encompassed all aspects of design on small and large projects alike.

Teamwork and interfacing with clients is her core philosophy. Paula is committed to excellence and strives to satisfy all involved in the design project whether working with
one individual or ten departments.

As a designer, Paula believes in hands-on project management. her training and experience encompass illustration and drawing in addition to traditional graphic arts and advertising. As such, she brings a unique dimension to her work. Additionally, she has become experienced
in the use and blending of colors for maximum impact. Paula’s studio researches everything regarding projects and is always seeking new and innovative ways to communicate.

Headshot of Paula Nichols
stylized graphic of drawing pens watermarked at 15% opacity

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